I lie listless staring at the gray of the ceiling;

The lone light up there glares at my inner being.

I gaze and I gaze,

like in a haze:

My senses intense ; my vision dim;

My heart races ; my body goes limp;

Out of its depths gush out a monstrous smoke,

and descends to engulf me until I choke,

I strive to shout

To hoot out loud,

‘Leave, leave

I need to live’.

But words don’t form; its only a groan,

A miserable moan.

My loved ones surround me, their faces sombre

Desperate, distraught; my pain none can bear.

The smoke consumes me bit by bit;

Bit by bit I cease to exist.


What remains is my soul

in the little me, my sole creation;

We live and thrive

Mingling in unison.

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