• Published : 04 Mar, 2016
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Winner of Poetry Contest - Conquering Self Doubt


Sitting at the edge of the day 
absorbing the void  
becoming one with it 
you wonder 
Whatever happened to hopes 
Whatever happened to life 
You neither live nor hope 

Whatever happened to dreams  
They dripped out of you  
drop by drop like sweat  
in an extremely hot day 
spent without you doing anything 

The world absorbing you 
The world consuming you 
Whatever happened to free will 
Whatever happened to resilience  
Everything is an abstract concept 
At the edge of the life 
Everything real is now past 
Everything that went past is now a story 
mere fiction formed of memories  

Whatever happened to desires 
desire to love  
to be loved  
Whatever happened to feelings  
Whatever happened to the soul 
the music that came out of it 
the rhythm that bound your life  
the meaning of every little action 
and the purpose of every move  
being part of a bigger plan  
Whatever happened to those plans  

Whatever happened to the people 
who once filled your life  
Whatever happened to friends and family  
the trust and confidence  
that we'll make it together till the end  
us against them, against the entire world  
against the meanings imposed by the entire world  

Whatever happened to the rebellion  
the uprising, and the toppling down of absurd 
the absurd rules, rule into the time  
filling absurdity into every single moment  
Whatever happened to time 
That slow meandering line of feeling 
thinking and doing  
now a jumble of cross crossing absurd thoughts  
thoughts that lead nowehere
thoughts stuck into the fabric of vast universe 
thoughts and only thoughts 

Whatever happened to the others,  
unfeeling and undoing  
May be you will get another chance  
to rethink and redo and recreate  
Whatever happened has happened 
Whatever happened is not you 
Whatever happened will not be you 
Whatever happened just was you 
Whatever will happen from this moment on will be
new You. Whatever but you.  

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