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Why and How?
by Rahul Tushar (Poetry) | Published On: 03-Apr-2018

Ours was an infant

The relationship,

Two years now.

When he was born;

The labour,

We shared together,

The brunt went to you though.

Creation you called him,

Time went by.


Born healthier than any

I knew, you agreed

Both together pledged,

Groom him to a glorious adult;

You suckled, I reared

Loved and pampered

Provided more than

We had, we could

Time went by.


Increasing demands

Worried you and me

Your breast dried

My pockets thinned;

You noticed, I pointed

Creation looked sickly

Unnoticed, unchecked, some virus

Called ‘Expectation’

Multiplying within Creation

Time went by.


Consult paediatrics?

Who else better than,

Would it be, you and me together?

Though, I alone master

You in isolation, specialist

Together, thorough confusion

Helpless parents watch

Drained, bewildered,

Time went by.


This morning,

Last hearing.

Irreversible verdict:

Creation beyond redemption.

Unwilling hearts

Signed the papers,

Lit the pyre,

Lost our creation.

Time stopped.

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