Of Love and Hate

Life Lessons from a Mother to a Son through letters. 

Larger Than Life

Why did Sadiqa Peerbhoy write Mayurkhund?


Life Lessons from a Mother to a Son

Of Speculative Fiction and Cli-Fi

Ajoy Podder, author of Decoding the Feronia Files talks about Cli-Fi

Book Launch - Anatomy of Choice by Harshali Singh

Through the eyes of a reader

The Art of Quitting

Life Lessons from a Mother to a Son

Writing a Thriller

Quick Tips for Good Writing

The Choices Women Make

Harshali Singh reflects on the choices women make

Launch of The Anatomy of Choice

An Invitation to the Book Launch

The Year That Was - 2018

The Managing Editor's Annual Update

Ahoy! Book Launch Ahead.

AJ's take on the Goings-On in a Book Launch

The Making of House of Doctors

Why did the Author write this Book?

Old Friends and New

When Books were our best buddies

Plotting The Next

What do you do when questions about the next one start nudging you?

Why should the world know about Genghis Khan?

Four Reasons why Genghis Khan is Important

Behind the Scenes

Mona Verma tells us about her book, Lost and Found in Banaras

A Country's Addiction to Pornography

Why should we understand India's obsession with Pornography

Tales from the History of Mathematics

Exploring the History of Mathematics through Stories.

Dystopian and Fantasy Fiction

Why should you read these Genres?

The Writing War

Archana Sarat talks about her Writing

Enid, Agatha and I….

What inspired Manjiri Prabhu to become an Author

The Queen Bids Adieu

As the Legendary Queen fades away from public memory, once again

Real Stories Matter

Why is it important to Write about Social Issues

Food for Thought

AJ's take on a Skewed Moral Compass

2017 at Readomania

The Managing Editor's Annual Update