From my childhood I have been observing Goddess Durga being portrayed in an angry form. Of course, when she is engaged in a cosmic battle with the Demon King Mahisashur, anger is the most appropriate emotion that can be depicted. But at least I, for one, find it difficult to relate to a Goddess who is ever angry.

The scriptures stipulate that God is beyond space, time or form. But for the purpose of our perception we have to identify God with one or the other form that appeals to us. Being Mother of all creations I feel benevolence should be a more durable feature of Ma Durga. I find it easier to accept an image of the Goddess that radiates kindness.

We believe in Gods and Goddesses as it gives us a sense of security. We can depend upon them in difficult times. We ask for their blessings for fulfilling our unending desires. Such prayer can only be made to a Mother who listens to her children and takes care of them. An angry God or Goddess will be worshipped more out of fear than love lest she vents her ire on the erring subjects. Such attitudes are feudalistic.

I remember my grandfather was an ardent devotee of Goddess Kali. Whenever he would buy fruits or sweets he would first offer them to her with much fondness. Perhaps he shared a similar feeling that there was kindness behind the angry façade of the Goddess. Great saints are revered for their acts of kindness. How can the Supreme Creator, therefore, be an epitome of anger?

On my last visit to Kali Ghat in Kolkata I searched for an image of Goddess Kali that would portray her kindness. After looking in different shops for some time my efforts were fruitful. I was happy not only on finding such an image but on discovering the fact that there are others who share a similar feeling as mine.

Anger makes us irrational and do things which we may repent later. It is an emotion which at best should only be exhibited and not felt. Kindness on the other hand helps us to overcome our ego. It helps us to think beyond ourselves. It teaches us to care and share. It prepares us to sacrifice for others. It keeps us in touch with Nature. It takes us closer to the Ultimate Truth.

Let the kindness in us prevail over our anger.

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