Grieve not my love,

For me,

When I am gone

Life is never ours

To keep,

To cherish

Like love, it is

Given only

To be taken away


The ripples of my being,

The rumpled bed,

The half drunk water,

My aura,

Will spread wide,

And wider,

And vanish



And un-being are

Separated by

A moment,

A flash of darkness,

A heartbeat,

A snap of the fingers.


The food I loved,

The clothes I never wore,

The places we planned

To see


The “After this is over”


Must go

Into oblivion.


You must live

Because of us,

If you too go,

My memory will die

With you


If it is a truly “far, far better place”

I will wait

For you,

Till eternity,

And beyond,

We have

Unfinished dreams

To live

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