Laugh, clown, laugh, your tears
Tell the bitter truth,
Your eyes like windows into
Your soul,
Show pain,
Torment, contempt for self,
Live a lie, clown, the wet road and
The dreary sky that is life
Will transform.

Let not the truth be known, lest body and mind
Become one, the aimlessness
Of existence,
Of breath
Of voice, overpower you
The rubber ball of life
Knows no bounce in truth.

Die clown, die, did you
Discover for yourself,
The ultimate truth, that kills,
Cry, clown, cry, weep
For your laugh that hid
You from the world
And from yourself,
Sleep clown, sleep.

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Rakesh Saraf

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I am a serial entrpreneur by profession, but a writer by passion. I was born in Srinagar, Kashmir, and lived the early part of my life in the eastern state of Orissa. I went to a boarding school run by Englishmen, and and then moved to Delhi. I did a...

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