What is time?

Is it a clock on the wall, or a watch on your wrist?

Is it the metal hands that tick, or the digital numbers that shift?

If you ask me, time is an imaginary cist.

It's a figment of our imagination that causes a rift.


It tells us what to do, when and which day

Our lives are controlled by something that doesn't exist!

However, I no longer carry dismay.

Today is the day I rise up and resist!


So I'll throw out my watches, rip my clocks from the wall!

And I'll shout from the rooftops "Time doesn't exist at all!"

Sure, those who love the status quo will be pissed,

And Uncle Sam will scream, and shout, and shake his iron fist!


But what is the point of living a lie?

To please others at the cost of my piece of mind?

I refuse to believe that this is the way,

And so I've decided today is the day

That I begin to live my life

I'm done playing slave to time.

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