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Time Heals All Wounds
by Evans Barnes (Poetry) | Published On: 23-Sep-2016

They say time heals all wounds,

But I don't think that is true.

They say time heals all wounds,

But I'm still thinking about you.


I think about the time I took for granted,

And everything I wish that I could say.

But I didn't get all the time I wanted,

And now the sun has set on your last day.


I thought that I could handle this with ease,

But I don't know how much harder this can get.

If I could get you off my mind I'd be at peace,

But I etched your name in my skin so I won't forget.


They say time heals all wounds.

Does healing feel like this?

They say time heals all wounds,

But it just pushes me further into the abyss.

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