Compelled to follow, compelled to fight,

no soul to care for her miserable plight.

A racing heart is all that is left

of her to fend with all her depth.


She tries to defend her with all her might,

her tears gone dry, she shudders in fright.

A racing heart is all that is there

for her to protect, for her to care.


Complete she has to - multiple tasks,

helping hands are a complete farce.

A racing heart doesn't want to slow

and emotions in her continue to flow.


Food as snacks, for breakfast and dinner,

food to make her no more thinner.

A racing heart, a pounding heart

seems to put her life on a running cart.


Loving parents, loving friends,

a patient hearing is all she craves.

A racing heart compounds the fear

She has to carry on and that is clear.


A caring partner, a caring soul,

Her miseries still remain untold.

A racing heart running away

She herself wants to run away.


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