I would love to be obedient without fail

And make my life a smooth sail.

No chiding, harsh words and an ear for all advice,

So that I am not caught in any vice.


I would love to remember all things without a skip,

Not let any word by my ear slip by and let it trip.

Memorize all songs, poems, formulaes and definitions,

As achieving high marks is surely one of my missions.


I would love to control my emotions,

Not let them create any commotion,

Not jump or shout at every excitement,

However large may be the incitement.


I would love to love everyone dearly,

Let everyone understand me clearly,

Not create any misunderstanding,

And not let anyone feel I’m commanding.


I would love to do much, much more

About that I am very sure,

But God must be having some other scheme

Which once I know, am sure will make me beam.

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