• Published : 10 May, 2016
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Your father has earned and is earning the bucks,

Buying you gifts and spending in lakhs;

But it is not I!


Your mother has cooked and is donning the chef's hat,

Maintaining the family and sweeping problems under the mat;

But it is not I!


Your brother has played and is earning accolades,

Making the family proud and earning brownie grades;

But it is not I!


Your sister has obeyed and is the fair lass,

Keeping the honour and maintaining the class;

But it is not I!


Your sweetheart has loved you and is the loving type,

Caring for you and hugging you tight;

But it is not I!


Your son has shone bright and is always right,

Marching ahead and well his goal is in sight;

But it is not I!


Your daughter has eclipsed all and is hogging the light,

Upsetting all calculations and setting records without fright;

But it is not I!


The world is full of people successful, happy and gay,

But it feels really really sad to say

But it is not I!

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