• Published : 27 Apr, 2016
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  • Category : Poetry
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A ring on D-Day or a deep gaze?

A gift on your birthday and burying the maze?


A strong desire to be loved or a desire to love?

A control over all things or allow mistakes to let go of?


A commanding holiday trip or working hand in hand?

A fear of being eclipsed or working as a band?


A desire to age together or be at loggerheads?

A wish to sleep together and always be abreast?


A feeling of helplessness or a feeling of restlessness?

A feeling of responsibility and a feeling of earnestness?


A yearning to gurgle out all things be it hard or soft?

A yearning to be at peace by staving your near one oft?


A hankering to be together come what may?

Or a mix of all these, ending in death, what say?





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